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What is the most important room in your home? Most people would answer that question the same way…. the kitchen. The kitchen is where we cook and enjoy meals together. It is the gathering place when we’re entertaining friends. It’s where the kids do their homework and mom and dad work on the budget. It is where we gather to get away from the TV-centric living room. And often it is what makes a house feel like a home.

Whether you’re looking to boost your home’s value or maximize your existing space for comfort and style, updating your kitchen can bring your home into the 21st century. Here are a few trends to be on the look out for.

Open floor plans

This trend has been around for years and shows no signs of going away. And why would it? Gone are the days where mom (or dad) is cut off from the family while cooking dinner or banished from the party to make sure the hors d’oeuvres are hot and the roast doesn’t burn. Today’s homeowners want to engage with family and friends even while busy at the stove.

Gray is the new white

While white continues to be a popular choice for every design aspect of the kitchen, gray is growing in popularity. From walls to floors to counter tops to cabinetry, grey is THE color for home decor. It’s sleek and modern and it’s a neutral. Pair gray with orange, navy, pink or other shades of gray.

Two-tone cabinets

Whether you go for contrast (as with the photo below) or play with a accent color such blue or green this trend is bound to add drama to your kitchen.

This kitchen was remodeled in 2013 and features white cabinets with black cabinets in the island.

Counter top options

Polished granite remains king of the kitchen when it comes to counter tops. However, forward thinking homeowners know that they have many options. Quartz, wood, stainless steel and rough granite are all growing in popularity. Two counter tops of note are recycled and laminate. Recycled concrete, glass, paper and other materials are used to make these Eco-friendly counters that come in a variety of colors. Laminate counter tops may bring to mind the bright orange kitchen island from “The Brady Bunch”, but the products on the market these days come in new colors and patterns that look great.

Kitchen storage

If you’re like most of us, there is just never enough space to put everything. The kitchen can be especially cramped with all the cooking gadgets and gizmos that are required for any master chef. Cabinet lines have become aware of this problem and look to provide customers with the solution. Store pots and pans in extra deep drawers. Use easy reach corner cabinets to maximize your space. Slide out pantry cabinets allow you to see, and therefore use, every inch of the shelf. The options are endless.

These are just a few of the trends that we’ve seen and continue to discuss with our clients. As a design/build contractor, we look forward to helping you design a space that reflects your lifestyle. What trends are you interested in for 2014?

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